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Oftentimes, the best intervention is prevention. Many problems can be thwarted before they arise by being proactive. At Upward Community, we are proactive through our education, workshops, and programming to ensure that children, teens and adults are all equipped with the mental health awareness they need in order to prevent problems from arising.

The Barry and Harriet Ray Step Up to Healthy Living Curriculum

Upward Community’s “Step Up to Healthy Living” program is a well-researched social emotional curriculum designed for 5th – 12th grade. Upward Community implements this curriculum from Amudim Community Resources in New York. The curriculum has been tailor-made to meet the individual needs of each school in our community. It was developed under the guidance of Rav Elya Brudny and is endorsed by the Vaad Rosh HaYeshiva of Torah Umesorah. Specially trained teachers work from a 2,500 page 30-week curriculum from which they teach topics such as: Conflict Resolution, Addictions, Communication Skills, Peer Pressure Reversal Skills, Healthy Decision Making, Internet Safety, Body Image, Stress and Anger Management, and more. This program has been proven to help students build self-confidence, make healthier decisions, and be more successful in school. When time is spent fostering children’s social and emotional health, it allows them to focus on the importance of academics throughout their school years.

School Workshops

Upward Community offers tailor-made workshops for each school, enabling students and parents to learn the same “language” around a particular topic. Past topics include: Substance Abuse, Building Healthy Relationships, Stress Management and so much more

Community Education

As our society continues to change, parents need to stay abreast of cultural developments and challenges that face our youth. Upward Community arranges for renowned lecturers to present on a host of topics relevant to all parents in the community. These presentations are geared to educate, motivate and empower parents to best support and facilitate their family’s growth.

Mental Health Matters Podcast

On our “Mental Health Matters” Podcast, we have had the pleasure of hosting community leaders, therapists, renowned educators, CEO’s of mental health clinics and individuals sharing their personal stories of struggle and triumph. Past topics include: Resilience, Self-esteem, Spirituality, Abuse Prevention, Parenting, Grief and so much more.