Upward Community supports and enhances the emotional, social and spiritual health of adolescents, young adults and their families with an array of innovative prevention and intervention programs and services. We guide, encourage and uplift youth to reach their potential, Step by Step.

Working as an organization in the Chicago Jewish community, we continue to listen to the community and focus on the needs that are presented to us in order to support our teens, young adults and families. As the community continues to grow, so do its needs, and we take pride in constantly assessing our services in order to align with the community needs.

We view ourselves as partners, be it with families, teens, schools, Rabbanim, or other community organizations; to help enhance the well-being of our families and community at large. It is our honored duty to ensure that every child and family has an address to turn to when looking for guidance, direction, or simply, support. At Upward Community, we see the great and vast potential of every child. There is no such thing as giving up. In fact, it is the exact opposite. Upward Community is all about providing our children with the support they need to be successful and productive, step by step.

Our role is to service the whole child. We focus on the teen and young adult, not just the issues. Additionally, we are concerned about the family, to ensure growth and stability for everyone involved. We attend to the community, to ensure a strong constant foundation for future generations. Our resolute goal is to be there for every parent, every family, and every child who comes through our doors, and to treat them with the love and respect they deserve.

We strongly believe that with a flourishing prevention program and responsive crisis interventions, we, with your continued partnership and support, can impact our community for generations to come.

Our Mission

We are the only Jewish organization that leads the Chicago community through services that successfully develops productive and emotionally healthy youth. We provide cutting edge programs to help children, teens, parents and schools navigate confidently through the uncertainties of development. Our non-for-profit services are enriching, non-judgmental and provide a safe reprieve from the stresses of everyday life.

When a young person feels safe, secure and accepted, they can truly thrive and accomplish all that is in their potential. At Upward Community, every individual, regardless of circumstance, feels just that. By establishing a warm, non-judgmental and safe environment, Upward Community motivates and inspires its participants to overcome their challenges and advance their life goals.

Upward Community is committed to providing the necessary resources to individuals and families to facilitate healthy choices and positive outcomes. In addition to the many independent services offered by Upward Community, we coordinate closely with community support systems and organizations to provide a holistic approach and broad-based solutions. Upward Community gathers all professional resources from the community to ensure our referrals will meet the needs of each individual with paramount success. We serve as an unbiased agent for the family to pair them with the most qualified, competent, and appropriate recommendation. Upward Community will remain connected throughout the journey of growth for support and guidance.