Madraigos Midwest is Now Upward!

Madraigos Midwest is Now Upward

As Rosh Hashanah approaches, we have a chance to stop and reflect on our work and impact as an organization.

Over the past year, we’ve grown and accomplished more than we ever thought possible. We started new programs, impacted countless lives and helped bring mental health awareness to our community while lessening harmful stigmas surrounding it.

And while reflecting on our successes, we took a long hard look at what we’ve been doing – our name, our look, our website – and realized: It’s time for something new!

Because as we grew, so has our many services and programs. We needed a way to bring it all together under one umbrella while communicating clearly our solitary goal: Developing emotionally healthy children, teens and young adults.

Every child, no matter whether they’re struggling emotionally or not, can grow and benefit from positive mental health education and enrichment. Every child deserves to feel inner peace within themselves and with others. And every child deserves a safe place to turn to when facing any kind of adversity.

And so, after months of strategic planning, name tossing, and color options, we are proud to showcase Madraigos Midwest’s new brand identity and logo.

We’ve rebranded in a way that authentically depicts our organization’s unique mission, and helps us both clarify and strengthen our commitment to the mental health and wellness of our community’s children and teens.

After all, there’s no place to go but Upward!