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Helpful Videos

How much more can they take: Increasing Resilience in Our Children
Rabbi Shmuel Tenenbaum, MSMFT

Recognizing and Helping Your Child’s Anxiety
Mrs. Lynn Shyman, LCSW.

Being There for Them, Being There for Yourself. Partnership event with Chai LIfeline.
Rabbi Dr. Dovid Fox and Rabbi Yaakov Robinson.

Still…Parenting in a Pandemic: Help! Nothing’s Working! Accepting Our Current Reality
Mrs Fran Gutstein LCSW

Staying Health in Mind and Body
Sunny Levi

Outer Order Inner Calm: How Keeping Order on the Outside Can Keep us Calm on the Inside
Mrs. Elisheva Vladimirsky, LCSW

Practical Tips on Managing Finances During COVID-19
Mr. Randy Cohen

Guiding our Children Through Safe Internet Use
R’ Ephraim Goldman, Rabbi Menachem Weidermann, R Aaron Leibtag

Parenting in a Pandemic:Managing Relationships in Close Quarters
Mrs. Michal Cohen, LCSW

Lag Baomer Concert – Featuring Rabbi Joey Newcomb
Rabbi Joey Newcomb

Lonely But Not Alone: Isolation and Addiction
Rabbi Joey Rosenfeld LCSW

Parenting in a Pandemic with Rachel Zimmerman
Mrs. Rachel Zimmerman LCPC

Setting Realistic Expectations for Yourself in this Unexpected Time
Dr. Aviva Goldstein

Parents: Keeping Our Sanity During Crisis
Rachie Karesh, LCSW, Executive Director Upward Community

Teens: Managing stress and anxiety during these challenging times
Tzippy Kohen, LCPC, Interim Clincal Director Upward Community

Surviving Isolation with Young Children
Rabbi Yechiel Bresler, MHC, Upward Community Clinician

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Mara
Dr. Mara Tesler-Stein, Psy.D

How to speak to your children
Dr. David Pelcovitz

Management of anxiety
Dr. David Pelcovitz

Advice for marital stress
Dr. David Pelcovitz