Making the most of our Seder: Interactive Sheets and Resources for the Whole Family

The major theme of the Pesach Seder is “מתחיל בגנות ומסיים בשבח” to “begin with the sorrows and conclude with the praise”. This teaches the range of emotions that we feel and experience throughout the night of the Pesach Seder. The Seder also provides numerous opportunities to teach our children about emotional wellbeing. Below are a few such examples:

  1. Emotion Identification. The Haggadah teaches that each Jew must see themself “as if he himself left Egypt.” As we go through the story and try to relive the episode, try to articulate and experience the different emotions at different points of the story. Very often, it is the understanding and recognition of the emotions we are feeling that are the first step to properly engaging those emotions. Below, find attached links to a list of emotions, discussion cards and emotion faces- be creative in how to use these resources!

  1. Positive Psychology: When experiencing life challenges, it is important to try to stay positive. This is an approach known as Positive Psychology. The Jews in slavery needed to overcome challenges, and we too are faced with our own set of challenges- let’s try to remain positive! Use the resources below as activities during the meal or otherwise to exercise this trait of focusing on the positive!

One aspect that helps us maintain a positive attitude and has been shown to improve how we feel both emotionally and physically is recognizing the things in life we have to be grateful for and expressing gratitude for them. Pesach is a time to give thanks to Hashem for freeing us from slavery and is a terrific opportunity to notice all things in life we can be grateful for. Below is a link that can assist in sparking a conversation of gratitude at the Seder table (obviously this is meant as a conversation starter and not to be filled out on Yom Tov!)

  1. Family Focus: The essence of Pesach is within the family- teaching the next generation about the story of the Jewish people. Attached are some activities that will help use this time as an opportunity to get to know your family better, and deeper. Use these activities during the meal or otherwise to try to strengthen the bonds and gain greater insight!